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Welcome to Ancient Earth Designs and my world of knots.  My name is Melanie Gregory and I am the sole artist and designer behind Ancient Earth Designs.  As an artist I take great pride in creating elegant, wearable pieces of art.  In my work I use only high quality materials such as natural gemstones, pearls, shell, Czech glass beads, crystals as well as vintage pieces that I find along my journeys.

I start with the individual stone as a centerpiece for the design and then carefully choose the perfect color cord, stones and beads that will most enhance it.   I always try to develop new designs and new possibilities, so that each finished piece is always as unique as the stone itself.   I love the process from shopping for materials, to using my imagination to come up with the design for each stone, to then using my hands to create the unique finished product.

Macrame’ is a form of textile-making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting.  Its primary knots are the square and forms of “hitching”: full hitch and double half hitches.   I’m always amazed by what can be created out of a little bit of string.

I am inspired by all my surroundings, but especially from nature.  To create jewelry is a meditation for me, and requires patience and concentration.   My pieces bring positive energy as each gemstone has meaning, healing properties, and exudes elements from nature.

I’m a native of Virginia where I studied art and received my BA in Fine Arts from Hollins University.  I currently reside in the mountains of southern Vermont.   After completing a BA in Fine Arts I went on to work in various galleries and custom frame shops.  With a lifetime of exploring many creative outlets such as drawing, painting, screen-printing, and photography I currently have been expressing my creativity through jewelry design.  Although I work presently in the mediums of painting and macrame’, no medium is off limits.

My work can currently be seen at various galleries in southern Vermont.  I hope this has opened up a little window for you into my world of knots.

Etsy Page:  www.etsy.com/shop/AncientEarthDesigns

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